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Testimonials - Critique Services

"Laura Atkins is a superb editor! She not only has a knack for discovering the underlying flaws in a story, but is extremely helpful in creating plausible remedies to fix those flaws. She also is very detailed in her critiques and can discover minor but important mistakes that other editors miss. Her critiques are always performed in a constructive manner so her clients can not only fix errors but can also recognize the unique strengths of their own storytelling. I recommend Laura highly as an editor and will definitely use her services in my next writing project."
—Sandra Padmanabhan, Ph.D.

"I recently graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design, MFA Illustration and found Laura during my thesis research about multicultural picture books. She is one of the true professionals who knows the A to Z of children's books. Laura's consulting for my picture book projects were accurate and superb. She knows illustration too. I highly recommend Laura for anyone who is seeking professional help for his or her children's picture book."
YoungJu Kim, burgeoning children's book illustrator,

"Laura's feedback has been invaluable. Her comments are thoughtful and concise, and I have been able to move forward with my story with a renewed sense of excitement. She's a fantastic person to work with, with an amazing amount of enthusiasm for my project."
—Rachael Errington, Artist Insite website developer

"Since meeting Laura I've taken not only my novel more seriously, but my overall craft. She has the uncanny knack of picking up on the weak points of your text that you hoped no one would notice, as well as the faults you didn't. However, she's equally aware of your strengths and the strengths of your story. Laura's brought new dimensions to my work I wouldn't have previously thought possible, with a professionalism and attention to detail that's helped build my confidence both in the work and as a writer."
—Andy Dickenson, Production Journalist, ITV Meridian

Testimonials - Writing Workshops and Writing Groups

"I attended one of Laura's Writing for Children courses to give me some inspiration when I was working on my Creative Writing MA dissertation. I found her teaching invaluable. She was enthusiastic and extremely knowledgable about all aspects of writing for children. Laura has given me the confidence to start working on my own novel for teenagers, and I know that if I want high quality, focused feedback she is the person to ask."
—Astrid Holm MA

"Both Laura’s manuscript service and her monthly writing group have been fantastic. She has a great ear for tone and an eye for detail as well as an ability to really get under the skin of what you’re writing. Her balance of constructive criticism and intelligent encouragement are just right, and she always has her focus on the main prize — getting published — offering great contacts to agents and writing competitions. I really couldn’t recommend her services more highly."
—Kirsten Wild

"I found Laura's workshops challenging without ever being daunting, and her comments on people's work astute yet always encouraging. They made me look at the whole spectrum of children's literature, inspiring me to stretch out in new directions and take a few risks."
—Suzi Hopkins

"Laura offers lots of positive feedback, encouragement, constructive criticism and the feeling that she genuinely enjoys reading her students' work, even when she's pointing out the obvious and not-so-obvious flaws. Hers was the first (and only) writing group I've attended and I'm still an ad-hoc member two years later. It has been really useful to have the benefit of submitting drafts to someone with experience in the publishing world who gives honest feedback which is always positive and constructive. I may be some way off a final draft but the process has been made all the more enjoyable by attending one of Laura's writing groups."
—Caroline Donovan

Testimonials - Editorial Services to Publishers and Self-Publishers

"Laura is an excellent editor with a keen eye for detail. Laura works with our authors closely to make sure that they maintain the right tone of voice that is appropriate for the target age group. More importantly, she doesn’t impose her own cultural norm onto the text. Instead, she is acutely aware of cultural context and is sensitive enough to appreciate the need to maintain socio-cultural specificity of the writing whilst still ensuring that the story will have universal appeal. She has the talent to make the most ordinary text come alive and she breathes life into every word, every sentence. She is not afraid to tell the truth if she thinks a story is not working or exceedingly tedious. As a young publishing house based in Africa, we very much appreciate her skills and most importantly her interest and commitment to presenting a diversity of children’s worldview from across the globe. I hope to continue to work with her."
—Bibi Bakare-Yusuf, Publisher Cassava Republic Press

"The best investment I made in writing and publishing my picture book was in asking Laura to edit the manuscript. Her insight and attention to detail resulted in important changes to the text, illustrations and storyline which took the book to a different level. That she managed to do this by guiding my thoughts rather than imposing hers made her a pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with her on my next project."
—Selu Mdlalose, Publisher, Vezani Publishing

"When embarking on a new journey, there are so many unknowns and fears. I had been working on editing a manuscript for a children's story for over a year and really needed a fresh perspective. Having already had the story edited by two professional companies, I really had not intended on doing it a third time, but after perusing blog articles relating to my focus, I came across Laura's site and was ecstatic to learn she offered critiques. Laura did not disappoint. The perspective Laura brought to my story was unique and constructive. She had questions about things I had not thought about and offered suggestions that gave my final book the polish it needed to stand out and be noticed. Her critique was invaluable in its depth and content and I feel extremeley fortunate for having received her insight and more importantly, actually taking the extra time to apply Laura's comments to my final manuscript. The experience is well worth the cost and I would highly recommend Laura's services to anyone looking for an honest and high quality critique."
—Navjot Kaur, Children's author and educator, A Lion's Mane,

"We found Laura Atkins on Jacketflap and I intuitively sensed that she would be the right editor for our team. This proved to be true, as we were to discover her high level of professionalism. She was able to convey edits in a clear, intelligible format that helped us to see the internal logic of our story and how it would be understood by the reader. The result is that we now have a product that we are proud of and happy to share. As my business partner, Greg Paxton, said: 'She's a pro! We need to work with pros!'"
—Ashby North, Fiddlemoon Theatre