Testimonials —
From Work with Self-Publishers

​"I had been working on editing a manuscript for a children’s story for over a year and really needed a fresh perspective. Having already had the story edited by two professional companies, I really had not intended on doing it a third time, but after perusing blog articles relating to my focus, I came across Laura’s site and was ecstatic to learn she offered critiques. Laura did not disappoint. The perspective she brought to my story was unique and constructive. She had questions about things I had not thought about and offered suggestions that gave my final book the polish it needed to stand out and be noticed. Her critique was invaluable in its depth and content and I feel extremely fortunate for having received her insight."
​—Navjot Kaur, Author and Publisher, Saffron Press

"Laura handled the editing of our picture book, Ciao Meow, with all possible aplomb. She was prompt, professional, helpful, detailed in her suggestions and supportive in all the important ways authors/illustrators need in letting someone caretake their baby for the first time. With emphasis on streamlining the total thrust and drama of the story, as well as consistent encouragements that we would get there, she deftly shaped a book we are now very proud of and confident about, as we move it towards publication. Thank you, Laura!"

—Natalie Galli, Author