In 2001 I moved to London to study at the renowned MA in Children's Literature program at Roehampton University, which is home to the National Centre for Research in Children's Literature (NCRCL). 

From March 2009 until August 2013 I was a part-time lecturer in children's literature at Roehampton University, where I primarily taught Writing for Young People to undergraduates and MA students, and also wrote a new Distance Learning module on the subject. I have taught a range of courses at both undergraduate and MA level, including the undergraduate Introduction to Children's Literature course at Queens University, the undergraduate Boundaries of Children's Literature course at the University of Newcastle, and the MA course, British children's Literature from 1900-1960, at Roehampton University. I have also offered visiting lectures, such as an 'Introduction to British Picture Books' session I taught at the University of Antwerp for an undergraduate course run by Vanessa Joosen.

I enjoy teaching, and my approach draws heavily on group participation and discussion. I feel that a class has been successful if I leave feeling challenged by my students to consider a text in new ways. I also teach creative workshops for children. Please see the Workshop section of the website for more information.