The Craft of Picture Books: Where Text and Image Meet at The Writing Salon​

I'll be running the class, The Craft of Picture Books: Where Text and Image Meet, at The Writing Salon in Berkeley, on Saturday, Feb. 3rd, 10:00-4:00 pm. Sign up here.

Here’s more: Picture books provide one of the most exciting and innovative spaces for play in the book world today. Genres collide, stories become graphic novels, and nonfiction dances from the page in lyrical twists and twirls. This concise form, with a close relationship to poetry, needs to carry a strong emotional core, giving satisfaction with minimal words. Picture books can be aimed at young children, even toddlers and infants, but reach older readers as well, especially through nonfiction. While 4-8 is the typical age group associated with this genre, we will look at some examples that target older readers.

Previous attendees of this one-day workshop said:
"I really appreciated the sharing of resources (Laura brought many books and shared other online resources). I found the writing prompts and writing time especially helpful. And I loved the focus on fiction and non-fiction!” and
"I thoroughly enjoyed the class. Laura's had such an inspiring career and is so full of positive energy and passion for what she does. It was great hearing her perspective as both a writer and publisher. I liked that she shared her knowledge with us while making the workshop very interactive and engaging.”