In some cases I offer one-on-one mentoring to aspiring and published authors, which is one of my favorite ways to work with creative people. I have many years of experience teaching and running writing workshops, and take great pleasure in helping people to develop their ideas.

This can be arranged at a rate of $150 per hour, and we can work together to decide on the best strategy. I can read drafts and revisions, and if someone is local, we can meet in person to discuss the work, or for those further afield, we can arrange for Skype meetings. I can also read a work in progress, commenting as the book comes together. I am happy to meet to brainstorm, if a writer wants to bounce ideas around. I can offer one-off mentoring sessions, which can also lead to long-term editorial relationships. This can involve setting up deadlines to help a writer to set and achieve particular goals. 

Here's what author Andy Dickenson says about our work together: 

"Since meeting Laura I've taken not only my novel more seriously, but my overall craft. She has the uncanny knack of picking up on the weak points of your text that you hoped no one would notice, as well as the faults you didn't. However, she's equally aware of your strengths and the strengths of your story. Laura's brought new dimensions to my work I wouldn't have previously thought possible, with a professionalism and attention to detail that's helped build my confidence both in the work and as a writer."
—Andy Dickenson, Production Journalist, ITV Meridian