Manuscript Critiquing

Do you have a children's book manuscript and need advice about how to improve it? Whether you are trying to send your story to publishers, find an agent or self-publish, it is always helpful to get advice and feedback from those with experience in the field.

I will review manuscripts for picture books or novels for middle grade or YA readers, and give you my thoughts on how I see your manuscript working in terms of plot, narrative voice, character, pacing, and anything else I note. I know how important it is for creative people to get positive feedback, so while being honest, I will be careful to highlight what I think is working as well as where I would suggest development.

You will receive a general editorial letter highlighting larger points, as well as your document with tracked changes and comments that focus more on the details. I charge $300 for a picture book manuscript of up to 2,000 words (double spaced, 12 pt font, one inch margins). For a detailed critique of middle grade or young adult fiction, I can give you a quote depending on length and the level of feedback desired. It is possible to pay by check in US dollars or I can issue an invoice using Venmo or Paypal which allows payment in any currency. I prefer that a manuscript be delivered via email, and will give feedback within six weeks. Please email or call me for more information (details are available in the Contact Me section).